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Introducing COVID Care for Schools

Tether’s CO2 monitoring solution to managing COVID-19 risk within any alert level or protection framework.

How do we make sure our schools are safe? 

By monitoring the air our teachers and children are  breathing.

As seen in:


COVID-19 can be spread by breathing in air exhaled by another person.  High CO2 levels in the environment means a higher % of the air you breathe is shared with other people which leads to a higher exposure risk.

723-virus-outline (2).png

COVID-19 is spread in tiny, invisible droplets called aerosols that are expelled when infected people breathe out, speak or sing

659-people-exchange-arrows-outline (1).png

The more people in a closed space, the greater the risk of infection

1666-air-shaft-outline (2).png

Making sure spaces are well-ventilated is key to reducing the spread of the virus


CO2 monitors show which areas need better ventilation 

"If you are sharing air, the lower the CO2, the lower risk of infection.”

​Jose L. Jimenez. Exhaled CO2 as a COVID-19 Infection Risk Proxy for Different Indoor Environments and Activities. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 2021


How COVID Care works

Scan to activate and stick the monitoring device to the wall of your premises

Your device will scan the air in real-time, tracking the CO2 levels in the space

You will be alerted well ahead of time if CO2 is rising, allowing you to increase ventilation and reduce the transmission risk

Your customers feel safe and happy knowing and being able to see in real-time they are at a low risk

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