Tether’s CO2 monitoring solution to managing ventilation risk within any alert level or virus protection framework.


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We support people who care about building better buildings, living in healthier homes and wanting to learn how to be sustainable while saving money.

We believe in (and our data confirms) the interdependence and interconnection between people and the spaces they live, work, learn, and play in.

We design solutions that lead to healthier outcomes, energy efficiency, reduced costs, and planetary sustainability.

We believe in proof of performance and the scientific method.

We believe in continual improvement.

Health, pocket, planet always
“By measuring the performance of each building... We will gather insights that will benefit the construction industry and the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand into the future”. - Kāianga Ora

Business & schools who share our vision


Health monitoring for buildings

For the first time, there is now a way of evaluating the performance, health and energy efficiency of all your managed buildings in a reliable, scalable and cost-effective way.

Tether has pioneered a solution to digitally model buildings and capture their condition, while overlaying real-time performance metrics to monitor how the home responds to occupant behaviour.  This is all possible without the need for Wifi or electricity.

Suburban Homes

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Compliance simplified. 

Introducing the Tether Tick, the best way to check if your properties comply with the new Healthy Home Standards. Try for free on our "Tether it" App. 

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Should you get Tethered

Who benefits from our solution, how do they benefit and why

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Residential Property

Do you design, build or manage residential property?

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Schools & Daycare's

Do you own or manage educational facilities or daycare's?

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Commercial Property

Do you own or manage a commercial building?

Get Measured, Get Tethered

Tether currently supply the following devices for performance monitoring

EnviroQ - Web.png
Environmental Quality

The EnviroQ is the perfect device to monitor and measure Indoor Environmental Quality

ThermalQ - Web.png
Temperature & Humidity

Monitor and measure Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point temperature

HotDrop - Web.png
Energy Consumption

Monitor and measure real-time energy consumption on any circuit within seconds.

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Modelling matters...

Without context data is meaningless. Tether ensures that all data collected is contextual by allowing you to create a digital blueprint of the buildings that you manage.


Using Tether's "Building Identity Engine" anyone with a mobile phone can capture an accurate representation of a buildings structure and attributes.

Once a buildings blueprint has been defined all performance information associated against the home will become contextual, meaningful and valuable. 

Measuring performance

The proof is in the pudding. How do you know if a building is healthy, energy efficient and gentle on our planet unless you measure it?

Through Tether connected sensors the buildings that you manage will tell you how they are performing and what you can do to improve the way they impact our health, our planet and our pockets.

All Tethered devices function without any reliance on the buildings utilities meaning NO WiFi required and NO electricity required.

Analyse and improve

Knowledge is powerful but knowledge without action is meaningless. It is with this in mind that Tether continues to focus on value creation across a wide audience.

Whether you are a property manager, an architect, a building scientist a property developer or someone who cares about how your buildings performs, Tether has developed a solution that will benefit you.

Interpreting building performance data is no easy task. If there is an insight you would love to have, let us know.

Our Vision

Our vision is bold, its audacious and wishful but its something we all aspire to:

"Enable those that care to build better buildings, live in healthier homes, learn how to be sustainable while saving more money"  

We believe in the interdependence and interconnection between people and the spaces they live, work, learn and play in.

We believe in solutions that lead to healthier environments, energy efficiency, sustainable buildings and reduced costs.

We believe in proof of performance and the scientific method.

We believe in continual development.

We believe in a sustainable future.

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