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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How many sensors do I need?

The typical minimum installation within a home would be: 1 x EnviroQ in the room you would like to monitor. 1 x ThermalQ installed outside to compare with Indoor environmental quality. 1 x HotDrop on the main incoming power. The typical recommened installation within a home would be: 1 x EnviroQ in every BEDROOM and one in the largest common living area 1 x ThermalQ installed outside to compare with indoor environmental quality 1 x HotDrop on the main incoming power

Why is it recommended to have more than one EnviroQ / ThermalQ in my building?

The EnviroQ is only able to monitor the Indoor Environmental Quality of a space where the air and environmental conditions can distrubute evenly. As soon as a space can be closed off with doors or windows then that space will create its own micro-climate over time and a seperate EnviroQ or ThermalQ is required.

How do I get pricing?

We do not advertise pricing. Tether is priced based on volume and contract terms. To get a quote please email with your request or click HERE.

Can Tether devices connect to WiFi?

No, Tether devices connect via the SigFox and LoRAWAN networks. We have done this so that Tether devices will have no reliance on dedicated internet connections within the buildings they are installed. This also makes our devices incredibly secure.

How do I install Tether devices?

Tether devices are installed, replaced and removed through the Tether management application which can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google play store

How do I get the Healthy Homes Compliance feature?

The healthy homes compliance check is available through the Tether management app when enabled for your account. If you are interested in running Healthy Home Compliance checks then please let us know by emailing us on or click HERE.





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