The Healthy Home Standards just got a whole lot easier.

For anyone struggling with the new regulation

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Learn how be compliant with Tether Tick.

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From complicated to simplified.

Compliance can be complex, but not anymore. The Tether Tick does all the grunt work for you. Walkthrough your property and we’ll tell you what to check depending on where you are. No contractors required.

Standards by room. Walk into any room and know exactly what standards you need to check for. 

Intelligent backend. Simply input your information and we will tell you if you pass, fail, or qualify for allowances.

Get it fixed. We keep things organized so you don't have to. Any issues that are identified are collected into a sharable list.

3x cheaper 2x faster

Get smart, get certified.

Our Tether Tick certificates allow you to sleep well at night knowing all your properties are compliant with the Healthy Home Standards.

Easy integration.

Goodbye, double handling.  Tether Tick is fully integrated with the leading property management systems to save you from having to input data in multiple places.  

Designed for people.

Property managers. Designed to be managed and used by large property management companies.

DIY Landlords. Have a few properties you manage yourself? We have you covered as well! 

Healthy Home Assessors. Make your job faster and keep all the data your review and collect in one place. 


Ready to get started?

Download the “Tether it” app to start checking if your property complies with the The Healthy Home Standards  





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