Tether Airborne Index

 Tether’s CO2 monitoring solution to managing airborne virus transmission risk (airborne virus includes COVID, flu, pertussis (whooping cough) and RSV - respiratory syncytial virus)


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Changing our world, one building at a time

We support people who care about building better buildings, living in healthier homes and wanting to learn how to be sustainable while saving money.
We deliver in (and our data confirms) the interdependence and interconnection between people and the spaces they live, work, learn, and play in.
We design solutions that lead to healthier outcomes, energy efficiency, reduced costs, and planetary sustainability.
We believe in proof of performance and the scientific method of continual improvement. Health, pocket, planet always.
Business & schools who share our vision
“By measuring the performance of each building... We will gather insights that will benefit the construction industry and the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand into the future”. - Kāianga Ora
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Healthy Air 

Are you interested in setting up a virus transmission risk strategy; evaluating ventilation or exploring the health of your air? 

Useful for:

COVID/flu mitigation, business owners, principals, school boards, CO2 monitoring, informing an effective mechanical ventilation solution 

Healthy Construction 

Do you design, manufacture or supply building materials? Are you interested in building for health, cost-effectiveness and positive planetary impact? Does building for a healthy future appeal to you?  

Useful for:

Monitoring the impact of construction; architects; social housing; developers 

Couple at Home
Modern Housing

Healthy Homes 

Do you manage or invest in property? Are you interested in how your home shapes up in terms of the NZ  Health Homes Standard? 

Useful for:

NZ Healthy Homes compliance and approval, rental homes, social housing, retrofits, renovations, property managers, property investors, rental properties 

Suburban Homes

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Brandon Van Blerk


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Jordan Clist


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Andrew Smith

Software Engineering Lead

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Thomas Clarkson

Senior Software Developer

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Jess Ferguson-Phillips

Head of Experience

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Daniel Lamborn

Hardware Engineering Lead

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Bevan Adin

Independent Director

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Stephen Reid

Independent Director

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