The HotDrop Network

When monitoring and measuring energy consumption reliability and accuracy is paramount. The HotDrop was designed to used the LoRaWAN network due to its ability to vary the transmission cycles based on your requirements.

Please check if your location is covered using the link provided and if not then let us know.

The HotDrop

The HotDrop is a patented advanced wireless current transformer (CT) that needs no wires or batteries, and completely installs in less than 20 seconds.


With its next generation wireless radio, it is capable of transmitting over 10 kilometres line of sight, and through the most difficult of environments to provide accessible, real time energy data.


The HotDrop’s incredibly small form factor also allows it to fit in the tightest of spaces, and its real time reporting ensures accurate installations.

Energy monitoring made easy

Measure energy consumption and carbon impact within seconds

HotDrop Features

Real-time energy monitoring

LoRaWAN and LoRA Lite enabled

Clean installation. No wires, No batteries

Installs in less than 20 seconds

Solar & battery inverter integration

Encrypted private network

HotDrop - Technical Specifications.png