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Enabling healthy homes

Is your home happy, healthy and sustainable?

My Health, My Pocket, My Planet

How is your home treating you and your family?

Your home is the building you spend the most time in.


Your home lives and breathes just like you do.

Your home can get sick, it can make you and your family sick too.


Tether is health and performance monitoring for your home.

Give your home a voice.


Get Tethered.

My Health

Your homes health is your families health.

Through Tether you can collect information on how your home is built.


Tether can check if your home is compliant with standards such as New Zealand's Healthy Homes Standard.


Tether can monitor and measure if your home is keeping you warm, dry, comfortable and healthy by monitoring indoor environmental quality and outdoor weather conditions.

Tether is your fitness tracker but for the home you live in. 


My Pocket

Your home costs you money to run and maintain.

Through Tether and utilising the revolutionary HotDrop we won't only tell you how healthy or unhealthy your home is but we can tell you how much electricity it takes to keep it that way.

Power bills can be crippling during the winter months. Tether gives you the data you need to make informed decisions on how to save electricity and put money back into your pocket.

My Planet

How you run your home affects our planet.

The way we run, maintain and upgrade our homes needs to change in order to preserve our planet and prevent climate change.


Climate change action can be very confusing. "What can I do" and "how do my actions affect the climate" are regular and unanswered questions.

Tether answers these questions by telling you how your home's consumption is affecting our planet and what you can do to improve.

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